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AJM is a specialist tax consulting firm which offers a wide spectrum of local and international tax related services.  Our areas of speciality include income tax, VAT, estate duty and tax administration. 

The increased complexity of the South African tax landscape has over time necessitated such a specialist approach, and against this background AJM provides its clients practical solutions to achieve their commercial goals.

Dispute resolution

AJM has an excellent record of successfully handling tax disputes which we attend to in the Tax Board and Tax Court on behalf of our clients, in conjunction with their attorneys or auditors.


As registered tax practitioners with a variety of academic and professional qualifications, AJM is the designated firm to provide opinions concerning the tax consequences of identified transactions.


Our team’s expertise includes restructuring of affairs, which ensures that existing commercial and family structures may be restructured in a responsible yet tax efficient manner.


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Registering disputes

Drafting and filing of objections and appeals

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Tax litigation

Bringing procedural applications at the Tax Court

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Engaging in settlement discussions with SARS



Advising on the tax consequences of transactions


Specific transactions

Drafting of detailed, legally privileged tax opinions


International taxation

Identifying international tax consequences for cross-border transactions


Group reorganisations

Proposing tax effective solutions for existing family or corporate structures


Exchange control

Drafting exchange control applications to the Reserve Bank



Advising families on the most appropriate estate planning structures

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